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GamesRadar's irreverent and entertaining editorial reaches the Gen Y gamer who show by far the greatest dedication to video gaming and digital entertainment consumption.

Looking to reach the Gen Y male? Look no further! Our users seek entertainment through videogames, online entertainment and virtual worlds. They own multiple gaming consoles, spend more time playing, and show more "hardcore"gamer behavior.

GamesRadar is the true voice of the gaming community known for it's wit and humor. It appeals to today's gamer because it goes beyond reviews and previews reporting. The site offers innovative and bold features, hours of pin-sharp video, and an ever growing mountain of jabber happy community. In other words, GamesRadar focuses on the stuff that appeals to the real gamer.

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Michael Grinde
Phone: 650.238.2337

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UK Region

From Future UK Plc - publisher of market-leading games magazines: Official UK Playstation 2, PSM2, Xbox 360, Official Xbox, Official Nintendo, NGC, PC Gamer, PC Zone, GamesMaster and Edge.

GamesRadar UK is Future's newest online games property. With stunning design, the finest writers and the highest-quality images and movies, GamesRadar is a bold and enthusiastic games information destination.

The first truly global online games brand, GamesRadar is published regionally by editorial teams in the UK and US, and has planned launches in France and Italy with additional licensees to follow.

Future believes that GamesRadar is the next generation of consumer PC and video game websites and the best possible online environment in which to advertise to young males online. For GamesRadar advertising information, please contact:

Andrew Church
Digital Advertising Manager, Ad Sales Gaming
+44(0)207 042 4237

Poorvi Smith
Advertising Sales Director - Games Portfolio
+44(0)207 042 4234

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Australia and New Zealand Region

For GamesRadar Australia and New Zealand region advertising information, please contact:

Thomas Klingler
Phone: 02 9955 2677


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