Batman: Arkham Asylum Riddler Guide




(Warden's Office)
Look for a display case on the south side of the Warden's office... it's to your right if you're facing the fireplace. On a desk against the wall is the secret map.


(Main Hall)
"Who is the main man in the main hall?"
On the east side of this room is a short hallway that leads to the South Corridor. On the left wall is a portrait of Commissioner Gordon. Scan it.


(North Corridor)
"Did Amadeus go mad, or was he just dizzy?"
On your way to Dr. Young's office, while searching for her notes, you should come across a jail cell with spiral text written in dizzying circles on the walls. Scan some of those spirals.


(Dr. Young's Office)
"It'll be a cold day in Hell when this Ghul rises again."
When trying to find a way into Dr. Young's office, you'll notice a wall of morgue drawers. Only one's open and, according to the toe tag, it's holding the body of Ra's al Ghul. Scan the cadaver.


(Dr. Young's Office)
"How do you mask your feelings without losing control?"
Get inside Dr. Young's office and look for the skull-like face hanging on the wall. That belongs to the villain Black Mask. Scan it.


(South Corridor)
"What does a bird need in the rain?"
This hallway, which you pass through while tracking Dr. Young's fingerprints, holds several display cases. The one against the wall has Penguin brand umbrellas inside. Scan them.


(East Wing Corridor)
"A game of Cat and mouse can be painful."
While traveling through this hallway, probably on your way to rescue Dr. Young from Zsasz, look out for a display case in the shadows. It's got Catwoman's mask and clawed gloves inside - scan them.


(Warden's Office)
"Isn't the Warden too old for a puppet show?"
Look for a display case on the south side of the Warden's office... it's to your right if you're facing the fireplace and contains the Scarface puppet. Scan him.


TOOLS NEEDED: Cryptographic Sequencer, Line Launcher 

(Arkham Records Room)
"Our records show that a Strange transfer request was made in this room."
Head for the southern door in the Records Room and use your sequencer to unlock its electrified gate. There's still the electrified floor to deal with, however, so get out your Line Launcher and zip across. The files for Professor Hugo Strange are on your right as you enter.


TOOL NEEDED: Detective Mode 

(South Corridor)
"This fiendish puzzle literally appears out of thin air."
This is a question mark alignment puzzle. Check the western wall of this corridor - above one of the display cases is the top half of the question mark. Turn around and zip up to the air vents to find the symbol's dot.



(Main Hall) 
In the cathedral-like foyer at the top of this room - past the statue and branching stairs - are two security rooms, each with wall grates. The eastern one holds an interview tape - just pull open the grate to get in.


(Dr. Young's Office)
On your way out of Dr. Young's office - through a newly accessible door - you'll pass a desk with a lamp and an interview tape.


TOOL NEEDED: Cryptographic Sequencer 

When entering the Library, walk left around the circle. You should find an electrified security door. Hack the panel and take the interview tape on the other side.


TOOL NEEDED: Ultra Batclaw 

(West Wing Corridor) 
On the western wall of this corridor - at the top of the stairs, before the Records Room and opposite the path to Dr. Young's office - is a destructible patch between two columns. Pull it down with the Ultra Batclaw and jump over to find the tape.


TOOL NEEDED: Ultra Batclaw 

(Records Room) 
You've spotted this one through bars, but how to get inside? Look for a high vent near the entrance to the Professor Strange solution (see Riddle #8). It's in the southern wing, on the eastern wall. Pull the grate off with your Ultra Batclaw and grapple up. Follow the air ducts and you'll soon reach the room with the tape.


TOOLS NEEDED: Batclaw, Explosive Gel 

(Mansion Entrance Hall)
You'll see this on your way from the Main Entrance Hall to the Main Hall. The door between them is locked at first, so you're forced to grapple into a ceiling air duct and crawl through. The tablet is halfway along that path, in a room right after a desctructible wall.


(Main Hall) 
Go to the northern section of this room, where the pendulum swings and where the bell drops. Look high up, across from the cathedral-like windows. See that balcony? Grapple up there and you'll find a tablet.


TOOL NEEDED: Explosive Gel 

(South Corridor) 
Keep your eyes up as you walk down this hallway. Halfway along, on the eastern side, you'll see a complicated section of air ducts and ceiling fans. Grapple there and find the destructible wall. Behind it is the beetle tablet. Note that this is the same area for Riddle #9.



(Mansion Entrance Hall) 
To the right of the very first set of stairs in this room is a wall grate. Duck in there for the trophy.



(Main Hall) 
See the big statue holding a book and skull? See the wall grate on its pedestal? See the trophy within? Yup, there you go.



(North Corridor) 
After passing by the jail cell with spiraling text on its walls, you'll grapple up to a wall grate and crawl into a large room with ceiling fans. Dr. Young's office is through a second wall grate on the left, but head forward - to the back of the room - and you'll find a trophy hidden around the corner.



(South Corridor) 
Where this corridor bends, look up to the rafters. There's a very high wall grate that you can pull open and grapple into. The trophy's inside.



As soon as you enter the Library, look right. See the wall grate between the two desks? Use your Batclaw to pull it off and climb in for a trophy.



When you're at the top of the Library, getting ready to cut the chandelier's cord, look for a grate along the circular wall. Inside is a trophy.



(Warden's Office)
As you're exiting the main office with the fireplace, turn right instead of left. You'll find a small file room and a trophy sitting on the desk next to a TV monitor.


TOOL NEEDED: Ultra Batclaw 

(Records Room) 
You've seen this trophy through the bars, taunting you on the western end of the Records Room; once you have the Ultra Batclaw, you can finally nab it. Look up and to the right of the bars and you should notice a grate. Pull it down with the Ultra Batclaw and crawl inside. Follow the path to the trophy.


TOOL NEEDED: Ultra Batclaw 

(East Wing Corridor) 
Face the door to the Warden's Office and look to your left. There's a destructible patch of wall up there and, behind it, a trophy.



(Main Hall) 
In the cathedral-like foyer at the top of this room - past the statue - are two security rooms. Three sets of teeth are chomping around the western one, though you'll have to pull open a wall grate to destroy the third.



(North Corridor) 
These are chomping right outside the jail cell with spiral text written on the walls. You should encounter them while looking for Dr. Young's office.



(West Wing Corridor) 
After exiting Dr. Young's office, following her fingerprints, you'll run into a purple gift box in the West Wing Corridor. Destroy all three sets of teeth.



(South Corridor)
You can't miss these three as you're tracking Dr. Young's fingerprints. They're in the middle of the hallway, near the display cases... one of which holds the solution to a Penguin riddle.



On the stairs leading to the lowest level of the library - where the prisoners are tied up - is where you'll find these three sets.



(East Wing Corridor)
You'll run into these three sets while following the Warden's DNA trail out of his office. They're in a purple gift box, right after the turn in this corridor.



(Warden's Office)
These are the easiest-to-miss teeth in the entire game. They're on the upper floor of Warden Sharp's office... which, unless you were searching very carefully, you probably didn't even realize had an upper floor. Go to the door that leads back to the East Wing and look up at the ceiling. There's a hole you can grapple into. Arkham Mansion's final teeth are near the back of the filing cabinets.

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  • lordico - January 29, 2014 2:15 a.m.

    There seems to be a problem with the embedded text links, whenever you click on one, pops another page with the same content, instead of the desired one.
  • Phil0812 - August 31, 2013 7:42 p.m.

    i have four by jokers funland, also another is a three part cahe where you have to hit three questions to get the trophy,the three are seperated by cages no way to hit all three within time limits that i can see. another involves hitting circles on walls and then hitting a spot without touching anything, still another involves the chimneys one is across two are on opposite smoke stacks ive got all the gadgets ive tried line walking etc. but get no where any ideas would help thanks fun game to play enjoy it alot.
  • andy-allen - January 24, 2013 5:27 a.m.

    I missing two riddler things in North Arkham. One is the far west where there is an alcove but no trophy (I may have collected it but its not there?!) and the other just SE of here next to the hut. Please help, driving me insane...
  • dave-alex-reyes-mercado - December 19, 2012 11:46 p.m.

    pls help me out i dont know how to get a chronographic sequencer bu in fact i already have some of the gadgets.. every time i level up i always looking but still theres no such thig plss help me...
  • Frantz28 - July 19, 2013 10:15 a.m.

    Any chance you figured out how to get the sequencer....or the explosion gel?
  • taylor-alexander-donley - December 15, 2012 6:39 a.m.

    ok so i beat the game, all i need is to find the last spirt of arkham tablet, and i have no clue where it could be...or who it is.. can anyone help????
  • trex66 - October 31, 2012 10:30 a.m.

    The map I have shows a 'cave' just above the Caves on the map. looks like it has an entrance next to the bat cave entrance by Intense Treatment. Goes to what looks like a cave opening out to face the Mansion? I googled BAA maps and most don't show this area? I finished the game but don't remember ever being in this area. I can see the opening from the roof of the Mansion but can't fly or shoot line that far. Any ideas what this is and how to get to it?
  • xXLilxMafiaXx - October 12, 2012 4:53 a.m.

    The 9-10 teeth for the connector tunnel from Arkham West to Arkham East are a available just before you fight Ivy. I've completed the game once but couldn't find the missing teeth I needed, as result I'm redoing game... Hope this helps xXLilxMafiaXx Xbox360
  • Tcollins2525 - September 30, 2012 11:16 a.m.

    I am stuck on the mission where you have to find mr. Freeze by going to the coldest spot. The only thing I think is the right way to go is theres a garage door and some kind of electric box above it, and I shoot the remote electrical charge at it and the garage door opens just a little bit but not enough to crawl through. So I have no clue what to do or if that's even the right way, been stuck for two days!! Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ZombiPineapple - October 1, 2012 8:17 a.m.

    You do the slide kick to slide under the door.
  • jessicad - August 18, 2013 3:40 p.m.

    You're on the right track. If the door doesn't give you enough space to crawl, what you need to do is slide under it the same way you did when you were inside the chimney of the steel mill near the beginning of the game.
  • jam320 - September 17, 2012 11:24 a.m.

    Riddle me this - Beat joker (check), got all riddler trophies (check), got all interviews (check), got all joker teeth (check), MISSING 2 Arkham chronicles. It should be easy to find them but my map is clear of all question marks. How can this be?
  • jam320 - September 17, 2012 11:33 a.m.

    Nevermind I answered my own question.
  • taylor-alexander-donley - December 15, 2012 6:51 a.m.

    hey how did u find the last spirit of arkham tablet? thats all i have left to do?? plz help me?
  • jason-chene - July 27, 2012 3:10 p.m.

    I cant figure out how to get back to the second level of the medical facility. With the elevator locked I don't remember how to get to the rest of the medical facility.
  • sebastien-rittau - July 28, 2012 8:17 p.m.

    there is a vent beside the elevator that you use
  • rams83928 - July 27, 2012 2:13 p.m.

    ok found the chronicle. i just need the two teeth in arkham west and i'm done????????
  • rams83928 - July 27, 2012 2 p.m.

    I have 239 riddles done. Just need two teeth in arkham west. they are not showing up. i've searched everywhere. Also, what about the last chronicle? there is one slot left on the character bios. where is that?
  • ImmaChicken - August 7, 2012 2:40 a.m.

    The last chronicle doesn't look like the others, it's in the penitentiary. It's where you find the warden in handcuffs and first get the cryptographic sequencer. It's near Clayface's cell.
  • ImmaChicken - August 9, 2012 2:26 a.m.

    Sorry, it's on the floor of the room with the warden in it, there's a circle on the floor with "batman" scribbled all around it.

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