GamesRadar Developer API

About the API

The GamesRadar Developer Application Programming Interface (API) makes GamesRadar's vast data set available to everyone free of charge.

Currently this data includes full game information as well as lists of reviews, previews, news, features, screenshots, videos, cheats and guides. As GamesRadar grows we will continue to enhance API to create more access points.

The GamesRadar API provides REST web services returning data in XML format. There are many callable methods all taking input parameters and requiring an API key. REST Web Services are easy to use with any programming language, in addition to being easy to use and test in a browser or at the command line.

Getting Started

Developing with the GamesRadar API is silly simple. Here's is how to get started:

1. Read the GamesRadar API documentation
2. Generate an API key


Complete GamesRadar API documentation is available in PDF form at the link below

» GamesRadar API Documentation

» GamesRadar API Terms of Use


You need to have an API key to use the GamesRadar API. Click the link below to generate an API key - you need to be logged in.
» View API KEY


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