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  • trailslayer - February 12, 2014 8 p.m.

    I love all the comments above! Great feedback. I have been a fan since the first installment. I have very little to add other than these few comments: -the number one most frustrating thing for me personally was the inability to walk over the smallest obstruction in the game. A 2" lip was enough to stop Jason from moving forward requiring a jump. In some cases this required Jason to jump and expose himself to enemies. Similarly, moving past vertical obstructions like trees and buildings posts that were close together was a pain. -I personally found the game pretty easy. I began on the second to most difficult setting, and wished I had started on the most difficult.I found myself allowing alarms to be triggered at outposts for reinforcements for added challenge. A progression of baddies and bosses as Jason approached outposts closer to the story goal would be more challenging. -I would also love to see more and longer off-storyline campaigns with a much higher level of difficulty. Especially if there is experience, cash, etc. to be gained. How about custom weapons, equipment or skills only to be obtained through their completion, similar to FC2. It's a shame to develop such a complex world, and not fully utilize it. -I had difficulty fending off sharks underwater. Give Jason a speargun, allow him to knife, or something. I really loved the game and the franchise and have a blast playing it! I hope the developers actually read the great feedback.
  • MDM-Darkness - January 18, 2014 12:53 p.m.

    I personally loved multiplayer, the shooting felt more real and was a lot harder then call of duty. It gave me more of a challenge. The multiplayer was refreshing. Most fun in the game was liberating out post's wish their was more.
  • AT-737 - November 26, 2013 6:17 p.m.

    Mixed environments. Full Destruction (Explosions & Fire). Wider fire destruction. Increased Animal and Sea life count. Underwater hunting. True survival (hunting for food and water). The ability to snipe alarms from afar (as per Far Cry 3). Dynamic weather and sea system (Strong winds and huge waves). Fishing from boats with rods or/and harpoons.
  • ed-kelly - July 23, 2013 10:23 a.m.

    I would love to see a few different species of sharks thrown in such as tiger and great white rather than just bull sharks all the time.
  • wade-russell - July 17, 2013 4:44 p.m.

    Jason kidnapped by a mad Russian born scientist in Australia who is caring on the lab experiments with trigens in the Australian outback. Add a little Far Cry 2 in there....Maybe some SoF2...maybe some MadMax to wash it all down...sounds like a winner, doesn't it
  • MacKinder - July 2, 2013 8:39 p.m.

    Can we all try to pull an idea together? We can agree that FC4 needs to have Jason as the protogonist. Ubisoft put to much time and money into Jason, to just let him go in one game. I understand some of you may not like Jason but think about it from a economic stand point. That $hits expensive! Plot? I feel that Hoyt's warning about his friends hunting Jason is the perfect grounds for FC4 and its probably why the writers bothered to put that phrase into the cutscene. Let Jason and Liza be relaxing or working somewhere in the world when they are taken off to (destination pending). This can also be the perfecty opprotunity to show the effects of the Rook Islands on Jason, Liza, and the others if you want to add them. Where? I have no idea and I don't care just as long as its not Mexico. I'm getting tired of games based in Mexico. I liked the idea of Russia or North/Central Africa. Problems? Progression is #1 on my list. I hate it when games give me a character that has a fully developed set of skills but I can't use them because the game has to have a progression system. The answer to this would be to dump Jason in a totaly diffrent enviorment, like Siberia or the Deserts of Africa. Just don't make him the bed wetter he was at the start of FC3. FC4 has the ability to be a great game and we as gamers can influence the path that the developers take. It all starts on Forums like this. Give me some feed back. What do you think?
  • dearubisoft - June 12, 2013 10:29 p.m.

    now as far as the environment . it would be better if the environment was more destructible . like it would be awesome if you could put c4 at the bottom of a boat dock under the dock and then blow the dock up . it would also be cool if in the co-op you could work as a team to add weapons and attachments to your team inventory . also it would also be cool if there was more tactical gear . such as night vision, grapple hook , repel wire , fast roping , ice picks , skiing , door breaching , fire axing , lock picks , smoke grenades , flash bangs , and wing suits/ also guile suits would be cool too . I like the whole hunting idea and the whole concept of being able to make medicine as well . how ever hunting so that you can have something to put your bullets in was stupid. its a pirate controlled island in far cry three and your telling me that not one pirate out of all those guns and bullets had a tactical vest . not one tactical vest! it would be could however if you or you and your team could hunt for food and cook it . so basically I am saying that it would be cool if like you had to feed , rest and take care of your character and your buddies. some ideas for the campaign is 1 out of these two ideas. after Jason leaves the island , assuming he gets rescued , and saved by his cia buddy in the end Jason finds him self joining a elite spec ops team in honoring of his army brother who died on the island. the spec ops team in which does not exist is sent out to kill a rouge agent suspected of biological weapons trade in Russia, however Jason being unaware of what awaits him is a trap its a old enemy from the island and the mission goes horribly wrong a part Russia is hit with a nuke and its made out to look like Jason and his team are to blamed and that they were hired by the Russian government when he is really was not , he was just set up and Russia goes into complete bloody civil war after the nuking due to the lack of resources and a bad economy . now Jason's team EASSDT ( ELITE AMERICAN SECRET, SEARCH AND DESTROY TEAM 337) abandoned by his government and on his own , him and his team must fight ,kill , hunt , and help the locals to survive. with crumbling city's , intense urban warfare , blistering cold mountain tops ,and thundering tank shells/ bullets ripping through concrete walls and cover , and danger around every corner Jason and his team must work together to fight their way out of the country prove their innocence and kill the men responsible . so like you could have the whole cqb concept , as well as the thick and dense forests that lie around the major city's that are still standing in good condition . it would also be cool if you could customize your character to the tee. like eye brows , hair style , tattoos , face paint gear weapons , vest and plate carriers. as well as tactics and team oriented take downs and capability's. such as room entry , cutting power grids , disabling bombs and it would also be cool if you could customize your characters movements so that when you played online and saw some one else moving it would be more realistic. also there should be more options as far as stealth and tactics. such as skydiving and scuba diving INTO A HOSTLE AREA INSTEAD OF JUST WALKIN IN . also it would be cool if you could call in air strikes and bombing runs from the locals assuming that not every single Russian soldier is going to shoot its own people . it would also be cool if their were more vehicles so like lets say you and your 6 man team were running through Russia and you all were involved in a crazy shoot out against the Russian army men in the streets of Russia in a full map fps , that allowed you to go into any building and enter every shop and store , and back alley way and lets say that the fire fight gets soooo intense you can hear bullets wising by, hitting the cars around you and landing on the pavement behind you , there are buildings(sky scrapers like bf4) falling around you and chaos is every were and there are random explosions here there and every ware and people are screaming , maybe you can steal a car to escape ? or possibly hijack a tank ? or a plane for extraction? or a boat or motorcycle ? and lets say that you can choose to go guns blazing or silent and stealthy , maybe you skydive in at night so that no one can see you arrive or you arrive by submarine , or maybe you just simply land on a rooftop and repel down or maybe you dress up in civilian clothing and do a spy type mission with just silence pistols and piano wire. or maybe you just kill everything that moves and destroy everything that stands with the wrath of god . its your call . it would also be cool if like ubisoft had a status update for your team in co-op and story mode kind of like battle log from bf3 . describing how your teams plays how many head shots you have how many times you did a mission with out being detected, how many confirmed kills you have , survivormedals..ect
  • dearubisoft - June 12, 2013 9:14 p.m.

    far cry three was a absolute failure as far as multiplayer goes. it was a mock call of duty . how could you ever take vehicles out of the multiplayer!!!!!! the multiplayer was beyond horrible ! i would have rather played pacman ....and my pacman machine does not even f###ing work properly . listen far cry is not call of duty . farcry was meant to be that super crazy nitty gritty survival concept that left you feeling like you were clinging to life on the brinks of insanity . it was never meant to be that invincible house, corner camping , no scoping bull sh**. far cry was a game of rage , tactics , character , precision , and diversity. in farcry two me and my friends would create amazing maps that were like tom Clancy's jungle storm and we would place c4 on the vehicles at their base and then go off into the jungle with a rifleman heavy gunner/support, a sniper , and a demolitions and counter intelligence guy who would relay information to the guys on the ground to assist in positioning for ambushes and we would hit and run. now being that the multiplayer sucked in far cry 3 , i would now like to talk about the co-op. wtf is the point of co-op in far cry 3 if its going to be LINER and cartoonish . after 10 minuets of co-op i was like i cant go on top of that rock ...ok ...well maybe i can...wait no i cant i can only go this way ...that sucks!. the next far cry 3 co-op should be at least up to six people and should include the ENTIRE MAP AND HAVE UNLIMMITED LEVELS THAT ALLOW YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS TO DECIDE ON WHAT GEAR TO USE HOW TO ARIVE ON SITE AND HOW TO EXECUTE THE GOAL AT HAND WITH TEAM WORK AND SKILL!. the story line in far cry 3 was in my opinion a 3.8. it was great as far as weapons environment and diversity. the story line was awesome . the only thing i did not like is that the pirates were very fake . during the cut scenes they were good and full of emotion and character but through out the game when YOU were playing they acted as if they were all clones of each other. not only that but they had no character . if you saw the characters of the people in hit man absolution it felt very real the conversations the bad guys would have were believable . like if the pirates were like" hey what are you doing tonight , I am going drinking mate , you drinking hahah that's a good one " or something like that it would have been more believable about character in the enemy . not everyone is the same . if i could say what i want to see in FAR CRY 4 is that i want to see a co-op that was very detailed and OPEN. it would be nice to have a co-op that was up to six people , and you could choose your gear , customize your weapons in any way possible , made the combat more intense , and the environment twice as "dark" and "evil" / volatile and dangerous. if you added all the knife take downs from before and then some new ones that would be cool too. also it would be cool if like during co-op if when your buddy got wounded you have to get him medical attention . so like if he was shot in the leg he would limp , until you sewed him up and removed the bullet AND THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE UNLIMMETED MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND SEWING THREAD EITHER OR MAGICAL TAPE *( REFRENCE TO FAR CRY 3) . IT WOULD ALSO BE cool if like you started your own co-op story line with six online friends that were dedicated to the team and story line and if your friend dies then he can no longer continue with the rest of your friends and he would have a kia next to his gamer tag every time you entered the load out screen or game lobby . meaning that if your friend online dies in the game during a story line mission he dies for real in the game and you and your team can no longer continue with him until the next story line rotation or like some number of days online . it would also be cool if like during co-op story line you could do more team oriented things , such as share ammunition drag a wounded buddy , fireman carry a wounded buddy to extraction or like fist bump a buddy . it would also be cool if vehicles were put back into the game with more weapons and technology . like the wing suit was a great idea i loved that . sky diving would also be a cool idea too for a full map fps co-op gameplay. also keep including water though out the map I cant even to begin to tell you the tactical advantages of water. also make the jungle more intense such as spiders snakes , electric eels , tigers , lions , cheetahs , and if possible. also include better weapons . such as the javelin, kriss vector 45 , m4a1, scar-h , gas powered thermal xm25 grenade launcher , even piano wire would be a cool device . also lose the machete , get your self a good 8" kbar knife ;) . also add lots of guns+ attachments . I say add all the guns from the previous far cry 2 and three and then some . such as the p90 or the mp7. also keep the mp5 and stealth take downs. dragging and hiding body's is a good idea.
  • Bracco2 - June 9, 2013 8:35 p.m.

    I have a great idea for Far Cry 4, ok so at the end when you fight Hoyt he says he has people all over the world that will hunt Jason down so I thought you could have one of Hoyt's associates from Russia come and kidnap Jason and take him to Russia so they can make him pay for killing Hoyt but then Jason escapes from them and then does pretty much the same kind of thing that he did in Far Cry 3 just kill people and take down the bad guy, plus when Willis dropped Jason off on the second island he said he was going to Russia to join Task Force 141 so Jason could find Willis and he could get help and guns from Willis and the rest of the people in Task Force 141, the new open world could be in snowy forests and old abandon russian towns and Ubisoft could even put Chernobyl in there, they could make some of the water frozen so you could walk or drive on it, and grenades and other explosives could break the ice, and there could be certain parts that if you drive on it or stand on it for to long it breaks, Ubisoft could Put wolves mountain lions and stuff like that in the game, they could put something in where you can do it to just fuck around with AI so that you click a button and it throws a snowball at them, there could be a double takedown where you stab one if the people with you knife and you kill the other one at the same time by snapping an icesicle off the wall and stab them, there should be more detailed weapon customization like you can make your own paint job for the gun, and you can customize the clothes Jason wears and the color of the clothes and face paint that he has on, you should be able to do a throwing knife takedown without having to stab someone first, that could replace the cocktail, like you have grenades you can throw or you have like 8 knifes you can aim and throw at whatever you want, if you have the bow and you run out of arrows you could grab an icesicle and shoot that at someone, make a bow signature weapon. I REALLY HOPE UBISOFT SEES THIS, I SPENT A LOT OF TIME THINKING OF THIS!!!!!!!!!
  • dearubisoft - June 12, 2013 10:39 p.m.

    I agree but take a look at my post it could be a combination of your idea with mine . not only that but I want to see more realism far as physics go. like blowing up a bridge and what not .
  • MacKinder - July 2, 2013 8:53 p.m.

    look at my post and tell me what you can take form that as well.
  • adam-geiger - April 29, 2013 1:08 p.m.

    Only 3 Big "Wants" from Far Cry 4 1. Drugs were a pretty significant part of Far Cry 3. The possibilities for side quests and missions to explore with drugs could have been almost endless. How about a missions to sell drugs or kill local drug dealers? Extra ways to make money off of the island's top export (other than slaves). But even better... The ability to buy drugs. The ability to smoke weed and munch on shrooms could have altered regular everyday gameplay could have been AMAZING. All drugs affecting the senses of Jason and his perception, vision, or even hearing. Weed could have made the corners of the screen blurry and make certain things like reload times a little slowed due to its affect on Jason. Or different shrooms that could have changed certain colors of the world in front of him making battles more entertaining and trippy. Would have been a super cool concept to throw into the game. Or if anyone now has a MOD idea, my guest. 2. Better Boss Battles. Button pushing in sequence to kill the most loved/hated villian, Vaas. Really? I think the writers should have come up with something better such as Ambushing him at a certain point, then having an option to finish off an already susceptible Vaas. Or ... decide to kill him in a way where he could end up later re appearing on Jason, just like Jason had done several times to Vaas. 3. FPS. Far Cry 4 needs to stress more realism. Get rid of annoying pop up reminders, UI screen obscurities and bring back a Far Cry 2 map and compass to keep the world immersed. Bringing up the map on a different screen should only be an option for one thing.. fast travel. It kept the game from getting tedious taking a Jeep to 'Nam to only complete the task and repeat (aka Far Cry 2). Fast Travel needs to stay but a menu for the map needs to leave. Understandably its a difficult task to keep both, but I'm no developer, so I'll leave that up to Ubisoft to figure out. Other key components -More character models (Pirates, Privateers, Locals, etc.) -Better textures, graphics -Bring back the option to sleep until a specific time of the day (love night scenes for stealthy missions) -Climb trees, set snares, more hunting options (other than whipping out a sniper from distance) -Being able to have your friends join missions (Far Cry 2 Buddy systems... kinda missed it) - Fix Co-Op!!! Co-Op should have been an alternative style to the Single player storyline. Keep Grant alive and you have an exciting 2 Player Co-Op to take on the Open World together. Taking down outposts, hunting, main missions, and other side quests will only double in the many various ways to go out and perform these tasks. Things such as saving one another to using each other as distractions open up endless possibilities to tackle on any firefight or mission Far Cry 4 has to throw at it. All in all, Far Cry 3 was great. These are just some ways to make Far Cry 4 the best game to ever be released.
  • jonathan-ju - April 21, 2013 2:51 p.m.

    I would honestly love to see a Far Cry game set in Australia or South America, so long as it sticks to a contrasting environment of deserts and forests. Truth be told, I don't like the insanity theme of Far Cry 3 because it messed with the head too much and frankly, it's very upsetting. Take Dr Earnheart or Willis, for example. Jason Brody was a joke of a character. I so would've liked to play as his badass older brother Grant, who took on the challenge like a boss. Jason couldn't even jump off a hill without losing half his damn health. Oh, and weapon jamming is annoying, but it's an interesting little challenge. Maybe it could be an option you could turn on and off in the pause menu?
  • thomas-schbilski - March 22, 2013 2:43 a.m.

    better weapon customization, more guns, better story, better characters, larger map, more intense ( like FC 2).
  • Sheepdog10Seven - March 4, 2013 12:29 p.m.

    I'd like to see two new skills: climb trees and tree running. Then open up the tree canopies like in south america. It could offer a whole second level to the island. And more reason to pick up "death from above" ;)
  • tomclarky - February 15, 2013 3:50 p.m.

    Far Cry 4 needs to have a better protagonist. A female one would be amazing. Maybe i'm heartless but i just couldn't empathise with Jason and his friends because their personalities were so bland and unoriginal. No wonder i chose to cut Liza's throat at the end. Motionscan for the characters faces and movements like was used in LA Noire would also add an insane amount of realism.
  • usmovers_02 - February 13, 2013 10:57 a.m.

    "Forget Competitive Multiplayer" Are you SERIOUS?!? If you cut MP then you ALSO have to cut the most UNIQUE thing in any modern console MP shooter: The Map Editor.
  • Timstertimster - February 11, 2013 12:54 p.m.

    I hope future open world games will find ways to get around the 47GB storage limitations of blu ray DVDs and somehow allow players to background download game content. This could be high res texture maps or more varied NPC animations and dialogue, and I'm not talking about DLC. I'm talking about ways to enrich the environment and deepen player immersion with what I would call "non-story content". People are masters at pattern recognition, and it really kills the immersion if you find yourself in a gun store across the island and see the same NPC behind the same counter. Or you go to the pub to play poker and the NPCs keep making the same 4 remarks. The same goes for NPC animations. Watch an outpost for 3 minutes and you notice the pattern and immediately it becomes boring because you figured out how the illusion was programmed. If AI developers can build more variation into the environment I don't need more outposts and a bigger world.
  • usmovers_02 - February 14, 2013 2:54 p.m.

    That's not a disc space limitation. It's a time and money limitation. No game out there has come close to hitting 47 gigs.
  • DualShockGaming - February 9, 2013 12:42 a.m.

    I'd like the option to save offline co op games, its not like everyone has 4 hours in their hands when their mates come over!

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