Resident Evil 5 will scare you shitless


1) Capcom is taking its time over the game instead of rushing it out to cash in on the success of Resident Evil 4. Chief producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed recently that it won’t be released until 2009.

2) There’s some top, seasoned talent onboard. Writer Haruo Murata and director Kenichi Ueda also did the same jobs on RE 4, while producer Jun Takeuchi worked on the first three Onimusha games as well as Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360.

3) After two years of speculation, Chris Redfield definitely is back as the lead character. He looks proper hard and beefed-up like he’s overdosed on steroids, as opposed to the slightly weedy model last seen in Resident Evil Code: Veronica.

4) Redfield has also developed a hard-bitten, world-weary edge to his character. In the E3 2007 trailer, he states: “Casualties continue to mount over the long years I have struggled. I find myself wondering if it’s all worth fighting for. Who knows? I have a job to do, and I’m gonna see it through!”

5) There’ll be no more creeping around decrepit mansions, secret labs, fog-shrouded towns or other clichéd environments. Much of RE 5 takes place outdoors in bright sunlight in an as-yet-unnamed dusty desert village. Rumours suggest this is Haiti, due to the country’s association with voodoo.

6) We love the way the not-zombies are now fast as well as pretty smart, like the rage victims in 28 Days Later. They’ll chase Chris through the streets and use others wielding weapons to distract him before making a sudden attack. It’s bloody scary when they lunge for you.

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